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AVANC plus Fèis Cèilidh Trails

AVANC plus Fèis Cèilidh Trails
Sultain / September 2022

Live @ Venue


Tha Fèisean nan Gàidheal ann an co-bhonn ri Fèis Rois gu math toilichte fàilte a chur air AVNAC às a' Chuimrigh gu Blas na bliadhna-sa, far am bi cothrom aca ceòl a chluich cuide ris an òigridh a bhios a' nochdadh ann an Cèilidhean air Chuairt aig Fèisean na h-Alba. 'S e buidheann nàiseanta a th' ann an AVANC, a' togail air seann òrain is ceòl na Cuimmrigh agus, coltach ri Cèilidhean air Chuairt na h-Alba, a' toirt chothroman do dhaoine òga blasad fhaighinn air beatha luchd-ciùil proifeiseanta.

Fèisean nan Gàidheal in collaboration with Fèis Rois welcome AVANC to Blas - Wales’ National Youth Folk Ensemble and represents the brightest, most dedicated and talented young people of our musical traditions from the upcoming generation. They specialise in unearthing forgotten musical gems from ancient manuscripts and dusty library vaults, and reworking them in their own energetic image.

The ensemble aims to train young musicians aged 18-25 in performance skills which will help them into a career as professional folk musicians, as well as representing Wales’ folk music on major stages. They perform at the highest standard, reinterpreting traditional Welsh music for new and modern audiences. Their powerful 11-piece line-up, complete with triple harps, bagpipes and five clog dancers is a sight and sound to behold!

They will be joined by young people from the Cèilidh Trails run by Fèis Rois, Fèis Lochabair, Fèis Phàislig, Fèis Fhoirt and Fèis Latharna which, like AVANC, were established to provide young people with an experience of life as a gigging musician as well as providing entertainment for locals and visitors.


Wasps Inverness Creative Academy

Midmills Building, Stephen's Street, Inverness IV2 3JP

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