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Eden Court presents the Paul McKenna Band

Eden Court presents the Paul McKenna Band
Sultain / September 2022

Live @ Venue


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Tha Taigh-cluiche Eden Court a' toirt thugaibh Paul McKenna a tha air cliù a chosnadh mar sheinneadair agus sgrìobhaiche òrain, a' tarraing à dualchas na h-Alba agus na h-Èireann. Cuide ris na chòmhlan tha Robbie Greig (fidheall), Conal McDonagh (pìob/fìdeag), Conor Markey (banjo/bouzouki/giotàraichean) agus Ewan Baird (beum-ionnsramaidean).

Eden Court brings you Scotland’s Paul McKenna, who has long been ranked among our finest younger singers and songwriters, armed with a powerful yet intensely emotive voice and passionate social conscience, often expressed through his songs, a combination that’s brought frequent comparisons to the great Dick Gaughan.

The Paul McKenna Band's newest release, "Breathe", showcases Paul's development as a songwriter. Produced by Mike Vass, this new release expands on the band's trademark sound with added instrumentation to enhance and focus on the original material.

Paul and his band – comprising Robbie Greig (fiddle), Conal McDonagh (pipes/whistles), Conor Markey (banjo/bouzouki/guitars) and Ewan Baird (percussion) – draw on both Scottish and Irish roots, in a dynamic, full-bodied array of original and traditional material, along with songs by like-minded authors


Eden Court: One Touch Theatre

Bishop’s Road

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