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The Summer Walkers by Chloë Bryce plus Gary Innes, Ewen Henderson & Rory Matheson

The Summer Walkers by Chloë Bryce plus Gary Innes, Ewen Henderson & Rory Matheson
Sultain / September 2022

Live @ Venue


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S i Chloë Bryce, seinneadair agus fìdhlear à Baile Dhùbhthaich a fhuair coimisean na bliadhna-sa aig Blas agus bidh i a' comharrachadh Bliadhna nan Sgeul le bhith a' toirt thugainn aisbeanaidhean stèidhichte air cuid de na sgeulachadan agus òrain a bh’ aig an luchd-siubhail a sgìre Cataibh is Siorrachd Rois – na Summer Walkers mar a bh’ aig daoine orra.

Tha ùidh mhòr aig Chloë anns an dòigh-beatha a bh’ aca agus mar a chaidh òrain, puirt is sgeulachadan a ghlèidheadh leis na teaghlaichean seo a bha a’ dèanamh am bith-beò air an rathad ann an ceann an iar na Gàidhealtachd agus nas fharsainge. Chuir gu mòr ris na clàraidhean a rinn a leithid Mairead Bennett, Hamish MacEunraig agus Iain MacAonghais agus a th' air an glèidheadh ann an dual-chainnt na sgìre dhan buin iad, ann an Cataibh is mu thimcheall.

To coincide with Scotland’s Year of Stories, the 2022 Blas commission is centred on the lives and stories of the Gaelic-speaking travelling people of Sutherland and Ross-shire, The Summer Walkers. This musical work by Highland musician, Chloë Bryce, will highlight the instrumental role the Summer Walkers played in the preservation and transmission of ancient Highland traditions. The newly-composed music will draw on old melodies and Gaelic songs, and will feature extracts from archive recordings of prominent figures from the Highland travellers' community. The Summer Walkers will shed light on the vital contribution of a marginalised community, whilst celebrating the culture of gathering together, welcoming one-another and sharing stories.

Joining Chloë will be Brìghde Chaimbeul, Alistair Iain Paterson, Juliette Lemoine, Innes White & Gillie O’Flaherty.

Though most commonly found performing with Mànran, the band they co-founded in 2010, Gary Innes and Ewen Henderson have travelled the Highland highways and byways as a duo and played in corners as far-flung as Kazakhstan and Shanghai, not to mention touring the entire West Coast of the United States in a convertible Mustang. Indeed, it is from these very adventures and the strong musical heritage of Lochaber that their music – and stories – spring. Gary and Ewen promise an excellent start to the night with Highland tunes, Gaelic songs and nonsense and are joined by multi instrumentalist Rory Matheson on piano.


Plockton High School

Plockton IV52 8TU

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