Òraid: Gaelic printing from the 16th to the 19th centuries (Online)

Samhain / November 

Bheir Dtr Anette Hagan, Leabharlann Nàiseanta na h-Alba, seachad fiosrachadh mu eachdraidh nan leabhraichean Gàidhlig

* 'S ann air-loidhne tro Zoom a thèid an òraid seo air a lìbhrigeadh

Dr Anette Hagan, Rare Books Curator for Early Printed Collections at the National Library of Scotland, will introduce you to the history of printing in Gaelic. After a slow start and a limited subject range, Gaelic publishing in Scotland took off from the mid-18th century with a new range of topics, printing in different formats and on provincial presses. Come along and find out about printing highlights in over 300 years of history!”

* This talk will be delivered online via Zoom